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We listen, ask questions, offer advice, and offer creative approaches and help in order to define the appropriate framework for your event. In this context, we pay attention to your Corporate Branding and take your Corporate Identity into account.

Those who would like to leave worn-out approaches behind have to make use of all the available potential to achieve their goals. This is something we are ready to do. Our most valuable assets in our work are our employees, our know-how and our company culture.

With a flair for inspiring scene-setting and the highest level of practical expertise, we consistently create groundbreaking solutions in the area of events and incentives. We are convinced that the impossible is only that which has never been tried before, and we know that an opinion is ultimately determined by feelings, and not just on the intellectual level.

As a full-service agency, DMC Munich has an unconditional service mentality – as in addition to creative work, the professional realisation of your event also includes its perfect organisation, sophisticated logistics and its smooth planning and coordination.

Trips and


Following the trails of the beer

This guided city tour deals with Bavaria’s most famous drink – BEER and its history within Munich. The tour starts at the “Sendlinger Tor” and leads to the popular gourmet market in Munich, the ”Viktualienmarkt” and of course to Munich’s most famous “Hofbräuhaus”.

After the 1.5 hour guided tour, we have planned a refreshing finishing: A beer tasting during which you will taste different Munich beers accompanied by some fresh pretzels. Taste the great variety of the different beer types and enjoy a great day getting to know the best sides of Munich.


Come visit my castle! – Guided tour through Neuschwanstein castle

Your group will arrive at the foot of Neuschwanstein castle – possibly the most iconic landmark of Bavaria. The building of the castle started in 1868, but until the death of King Ludwig II., in 1886, it was not finished. He never wanted his fairy tale castle to be generally accessible, but only 6 weeks after his death, the castle was opened to the public and all kinds of visitors.

A King Ludwig II. actor will welcome the guests at the castle gates, introduce himself and join the group on a guided tour through “his” castle. Later on, the visitors have the possibility to ask the “king” some questions about his life, get autographs and dine with him in a truly royal location.


Isar Log Rafting Tour

100 years ago, transporting goods on the Isar river was a tough job for the loggers. Today an Isar Log Rafting Tour is a funfilled and unique experience. Your guests will get to spend a beautiful day on the river, with a BBQ, cold beer and brass music from a small band on the raft.

The participants will pass the most scenic landscapes and river banks on the tour. But hold on tight to your belongings, because we’re about to reach the 350 meters slide at the end of our ride – and it’s going to be a huge SPLASH!



Tablet GPS Challenge

Experience Munich from a new dimension! This high-tech game based on GPS will give your guests the chance to discover Munich and the English Garden autonomously.

Exact coordinates will help the group, divided into several teams, to work their way through Munich to see it in a different way! At every spot each team encounters a challenge, a strategic game or a special task such as taking photos from fixed angles, building rope characters or mastering segway parcours, where each team has to work close together. Those challenges only become visible on the tablet PC when the group is located by satellite in at most 100 meters distance from the spot. The teams have to collect as many points as possible in a defined area and defined range of time. Thus, strategic decisions have to be made.


How to build a mega raft

Have you ever dreamed of building an own raft like Huckleberry Finn? This Teambuilding is definitely going to fulfil your dream! The challenge will be to build a sustainable and floatable raft together with your team members. Therefore floats, trunks, planks and ropes are in place and there will be no limit to your creativity. Our team guides will be at hand with help and advice. The group is divided into small groups and every team is going to assemble a small raft on their own, as quickly as possible. At the end, all the small rafts will be put together to one mega raft. Now it’s finally time for a test trip across the lake. All participants will sail under the banner of their company. If the raft is big enough, you will probably set a new world record!

How to build a mega raft



This is the perfect activity to improve your teamwork in the very heat of the moment – literally. Hot frying pans, bubbling pots and people in a hurry to finish their chores in time to prepare a ona-of-a-kind dinner from starter to dessert. One or more of our chefs from Munich will guide you through the evening and teach you not only how to prepare an awesome tasting menu, but will also give you tips how to easily dice an onion or fillet a gilthead seabream. The attendees have to work as close together as possible, however the result will be proof enough that a well attuned team means everything.

There’s also no need for a few glasses of wine to leaven the atmosphere. The participants’ mood will be as loose as the mousse au chocolat they’re going to prepare for dessert.

But self-evidently, we have selected some of the best international wines fitting the menu – just to be on the safe side!


Bavarian Evening

Our Bavarian evening takes places in an exceptional location in Munich or its surroundings. Whether this is in a cozy alpine hut, one of Munich’s famous beer houses or any other location – it’s up to you!

The evening starts with typical Bavarian games and activities like hammering nails into a wooden plank, milking a cow, sawing logs and finger-wrestling.

Later on, the guests will enjoy typically Bavarian specialties like roasted pork knuckles with dumplings or sausages with sauerkraut and of course a glass of Bavarian beer.

A Bavarian costume group and brass band will entertain the group and animate the guests. They play typical songs, show some Bavarian folk dances, teach them the Bavarian “Cheers” (=Prosit) with beer steins and if you like, the CEO can tap the first barrel of beer with professional instruction of the band leader – just as our mayor does at the official Munich Oktoberfest with the words “O’zapft is!” which means “It’s tapped” and the festival is officially opened.

Let’s celebrate an unforgettable little Oktoberfest!


Festival for all senses – Munich

You will immerse in the lush world of festivals as they were celebrated in the time of the Renaissance and Baroque. The entire area is illuminated with fanciful light and colors and the staff and performers occur in original costumes. The focus of the evening is an exciting artists and costume show in the sound and style of this period in a mix of modern dance and ballet, a violinist, piano players, fencers and a shadow show will be a real feast for your eyes and ears. Our exclusive catering service will provide you with well–chosen delicacies and fancy drinks, so we won’t neglect your senses of taste and smell. All in all, this is definitely a true festival for almost all of your senses!

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